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2023-11-02 10:22 AM

GBP/USD Rises: What South Africa Needs to Know Now

  • GBP/USD Momentum: The GBP/USD currency pair is showing upward movement, nearing the 1.2200 mark, primarily driven by a noticeable weakening in the US Dollar.
  • Federal Reserve and US Economy: The US Federal Reserve, after keeping rates static in the 5.25%-5.50% range, hinted at a potential rate hike due to the resilience of the US economy. However, comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell introduced uncertainty about future rate hikes.
  • Bank of England Anticipation: The financial market is keenly awaiting the Bank of England's policy review, with expectations pointing towards a status quo maintenance. The Monetary Policy Committee's vote split will be closely monitored, as it may influence future rate decisions and impact the British Pound.
By Nonhlanhla

In the financial markets, the GBP/USD currency pair is displaying notable resilience. As observed during Thursday’s Asian trading session, this currency duo is building on its previous day’s momentum, steadily progressing from levels below 1.2100, and now eyeing the 1.2200 threshold. This climb is primarily attributed to a discernible weakening in the US Dollar (USD).

The USD Index (DXY) – an analytical tool gauging the USD’s performance against a curated mix of global currencies – has shown a pullback from its near one-month zenith achieved just the prior day. Market chatter indicates that this could be a ripple effect of the growing sentiment that the Federal Reserve (Fed) might halt its current trajectory of hiking interest rates.

This sentiment was further consolidated when the US central bank, in line with broad market expectations, chose to maintain its overnight interest rates, ranging between 5.25% and 5.50%. This decision marks a repeat performance, with rates remaining static at a 22-year peak for the second consecutive time. Delving deeper, the Fed’s official monetary policy declaration underscored potential room for an additional rate increase, buoyed by the unexpected tenacity exhibited by the US economy.

Yet, Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, in his subsequent press address, sowed seeds of uncertainty regarding future rate hikes. Emphasising the considerable journey ahead to steer inflation back to the desired 2% mark, Powell’s remarks indicate an underlying tension. Market participants are now increasingly swaying towards the belief that rate reductions might be on the Fed’s 2023 agenda – a perspective further solidified by the declining trajectory of US Treasury bond yields.

While these dynamics undeniably affect the USD’s stance, they concurrently buoy the GBP/USD pair. Another element in this equation is the broader positivity enveloping global equity markets, which indirectly diminishes the allure of the traditionally safe-haven USD, providing an indirect thrust to the GBP/USD movement. However, the true test for market bulls lies ahead. With the spotlight now firmly on the upcoming Bank of England (BoE) policy review, the anticipation is palpable. Prevailing forecasts suggest the UK central bank will likely uphold its current monetary position, especially considering the evident deceleration in the UK’s economic momentum and waning inflationary pressures.

Market insiders, on the other hand, will be scrutinising the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voting patterns, as these hold potential clues regarding the BoE’s future rate trajectory and the subsequent impact on the British Pound (GBP). While the immediate horizon also features noteworthy US economic data releases – including the routine Weekly Initial Jobless Claims and Factory Orders insights – the lion’s share of attention is reserved for Friday’s much-awaited US monthly employment specifics, often termed the NFP report.

For South African investors and businesses, understanding these GBP/USD shifts is crucial. South Africa’s intricate trading and financial ties with both the UK and the US mean that currency fluctuations can influence import/export costs, investment decisions, and broader economic strategies. Thus, staying informed about these global financial tides is essential for local decision-making.

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Nonhlanhla P Dube is a senior news reporter. Nonhlanhla is a student of International Relations at the University of South Africa. She reports primarily on personal finance and economics. You can contact her on: Email: