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2023-11-03 10:53 AM

Euro Stalls Against Dollar as Traders Eye US Jobs Data

  • EUR/USD Pair's Movement Influenced by 50-day SMA and NFP Report:The pair is experiencing resistance near the 50-day SMA, indicating caution among traders, with upcoming US NFP data likely to be a significant market mover.
  • Technical Patterns Suggest Possible Continuation of Downtrend:The formation of a bearish flag pattern suggests that unless the pair breaks above the 1.0670 resistance, the trend may continue downward, affecting trade strategies in South Africa.
  • Critical Support and Resistance Levels Identified:Key support levels lie around 1.0570 and 1.0520-1.0515, while a break above 1.0670 could lead to testing higher resistance near 1.0700 and 1.0715.
By Nonhlanhla

The EUR/USD currency pair is displaying signs of hesitation in the Asian trading session on Friday, pausing after retreating from its weekly high in the vicinity of 1.0670-1.0675. Currently fluctuating within the 1.0625-1.0630 bracket, the pair shows little change, with investors’ attention fixed on the impending US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report which is likely to influence the forthcoming market direction.

Here are the three vital technical points to consider for South African traders and market analysts:

Daily Chart Oscillators and Federal Reserve Policies:

Despite a slight uptick in daily chart oscillators suggesting potential for an upswing, traders remain cautious due to the EUR/USD’s struggle to breach the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), a key technical hurdle.

The anticipation that the Federal Reserve may pause its rate-hiking spree adds a layer of complexity, potentially impacting global currency markets and investment inflows, which are vital for South African financial markets.

Bearish Flag Formation Signalling Caution

The pair’s recovery from the year-to-date low around 1.0445-1.0450 forms a bearish flag pattern on the charts. This, set against the steep decline from the 17-month high reached in June, suggests that the 1.0665-1.0670 region could persist as a robust resistance zone.

A break above this resistance could set the stage for an approach toward the 1.0700 landmark and even challenge the upper boundary of the trend channel at about 1.0715. Should the pair sustain gains beyond this point, it might invalidate the bearish outlook, potentially leading to further upward momentum toward the 1.0765 resistance en route to the psychological 1.0800 level.

Key Support Levels to Watch:

On the downside, a retreat back below the 1.0600 threshold could find interim buyers near the 1.0570 area, close to the ascending channel’s support line. A more significant support is the over two-week low around the 1.0520-1.0515 range, followed by the critical psychological level of 1.0500. A decisive breakthrough this floor could energize bearish traders, pushing the pair toward the year-to-date low near 1.0450-1.0445, and potentially to the 1.0400 benchmark.

For South African investors and businesses engaged in trade and finance with Eurozone or US counterparts, the EUR/USD pair’s performance is a crucial indicator of exchange rate trends and economic sentiment. As such, the NFP report from the US will be closely monitored, as its outcomes have significant implications for currency volatility, impacting import costs, export revenues, and overall economic health. It’s essential for those involved in the forex market to keep a vigilant watch on these technical thresholds and macroeconomic indicators to navigate the currency dynamics adeptly.

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Nonhlanhla P Dube is a senior news reporter. Nonhlanhla is a student of International Relations at the University of South Africa. She reports primarily on personal finance and economics. You can contact her on: Email: