Curro Holdings: Director’s Associates Acquire R18M in Shares

  • Share Acquisition: Associates of Curro Holdings' director acquire R18 million worth of shares.
  • Director's Involvement: Mr. PJ Mouton connected to various trusts and investment entities.
  • Market Impact: Transactions reflect confidence in Curro Holdings, may positively influence investor sentiment.

Curro Holdings Disclosure

Curro Holdings Limited recently disclosed share transactions by associates of its director. The transactions, conducted on June 10 and 11, 2024, saw significant share acquisitions by various trusts and investment entities linked to Mr. PJ Mouton, a non-executive director of Curro.

Transaction Details

In compliance with JSE Limited Listings Requirements, Curro Holdings disclosed the details of these share dealings. The company announced these transactions on June 12, 2024. The total value of the shares acquired exceeds R18 million.

Transaction Breakdown

The transactions occurred over two days. The details are as follows:

DateNumber of SecuritiesPrice per Security (Cents)Total Value (ZAR)Entity
10 June 2421,1001,040R219,449.00Stephanie Mouton Trust
10 June 2420,3001,042R211,526.00Stephanie Mouton
10 June 2483,5001,040R868,358.25Pieter Mouton Trust
10 June 2483,5001,040R868,358.25Juan Mouton Trust
10 June 2483,5001,040R868,358.25Die Francois Fouche Mouton Trust
10 June 24106,3691,040R1,106,237.60Jufrapi Investments Pty Ltd
11 June 24584,6311,040R6,080,096.78Jufrapi Investments Pty Ltd
11 June 24798,5001,040R8,304,334.38Klipbank Beleggings Pty Ltd

Entities Involved

The associates involved in these transactions include various trusts and proprietary limited companies:

  1. Stephanie Mouton Trust
  2. Stephanie Mouton
  3. Pieter Mouton Trust
  4. Juan Mouton Trust
  5. Die Francois Fouche Mouton Trust
  6. Jufrapi Investments Proprietary Limited
  7. Klipbank Beleggings Proprietary Limited

Relationships to the Director

Mr. PJ Mouton is connected to these entities in several ways:

  • He is a trustee and discretionary beneficiary of the Stephanie Mouton Trust.
  • Stephanie Mouton is his spouse.
  • He is a trustee of the Pieter Mouton Trust, Juan Mouton Trust, and Die Francois Fouche Mouton Trust.
  • He serves as a director of Jufrapi Investments and Klipbank Beleggings and is a trustee and discretionary beneficiary of a shareholder in these entities.

Nature of Interest

Mr. Mouton’s interest in these transactions is categorized as indirect. It is non-beneficial for the transactions involving Stephanie Mouton Trust, Pieter Mouton Trust, Juan Mouton Trust, and Die Francois Fouche Mouton Trust. However, his interest is indirect and beneficial for the transactions involving Jufrapi Investments, Klipbank Beleggings, and the Stephanie Mouton Trust.


The recent acquisition of Curro Holdings shares by associates of Mr. PJ Mouton highlights the trust and confidence in the company’s growth and future prospects. This strategic move, involving over R18 million, underscores the commitment of key stakeholders to the company’s vision and objectives. As Curro Holdings continues to thrive in the education sector, such transactions reflect the underlying value and potential seen by those closely associated with the company.

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