Top Cardano Metaverse Projects to watch out in 2022

P2E games employ blockchain technology, which means that a player completes the game or engages in combat with other players to earn tokens, which can then be transferred and paid out at a crypto exchange. With the explosive growth of play-to-earn metaverse games, creators now have a reason to smile, as they can now create, explore, and trade their works in a decentralized ecosystem. Cardalonia is one metaverse to keep an eye on in 2022.

Cardalonia is a decentralized play-to-earn metaverse built for creators on top of the Cardano blockchain. Cardalonia, in other words, is a virtual world where you can create, own, and trade your gaming experience for money on the Cardano blockchain. The creators of this metaverse intended to create a simple play-to-earn game that would be inexpensive to play and monetize.

As a player in the metaverse, you can choose a clan, create collectibles as NFTs, put them into operation in your Cardalonia land, and create appealing scenes for other players to buy. Because the metaverse is made up of clans, in order to experience Cardalonia and buy land to start making money, you must first join a clan Avatar.

Cardalonia is an exciting metaverse where you can create NFTs and earn money for your efforts and dedication. Here are some of the features that distinguish Cardano from other metaverses:

Intense & Intriguing Experiences: All Cardalonia metaverse actors will have immersive and captivating experiences. Players will be able to interact with one another as well as with their virtual characters. Players will also have human-like encounters.

Decentralization: Cardalonia is a highly decentralized state. NFTs are used to represent all assets in the game. This means that you can buy, sell, or trade assets to make money.

Governance: Cardalonia has a DAO where decisions about the project’s future are made. Only tokens will be able to participate in the governance decision-making process, such as voting and being voted for.

Land: Before you can begin playing Cardalonia, you must first purchase land with your $Lonia token. You can freely deploy your Avatar and assets to the land as a landowner.

$Lonia is the Cardalonia metaverse’s ticker and is built on the Cardano network. It’s a utility token that also serves as in-game currency in the metaverse. The Lonia token sale is now open; interested investors can visit the token sale page to purchase Lonia tokens at the lowest possible price.

The Cardalonia platform is accessible via the $Lonia token. Access entails being able to purchase Land and other in-game assets. $Lonia is a staking token. As a passive income, you can stake your tokens and earn up to 25% APR. Staking your $Lonia will continue to increase the value of your asset. The ORB is an in-game gem that can be used to power your Avatar. Only token holders will be able to change their Avatars. Cardalonia is a good place for creators who want to make money.

On Cardalonia, there are two ways to make money as a creator:

  • Game Assets: The first method is to create game assets, which are represented by NFTs, and then import them into the marketplace to profit from them.
  • Land Ownership: Secondly, you can acquire land, develop it, build your metaverse on the land, or lease your property out to earn rental income.
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