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Thungela Resources Limited Bolsters Market Position Through Strategic Securities Acquisitions

  • Thungela Resources Limited strategically acquires securities under its Deferred Bonus Share (DBS) plan, showcasing market confidence and foresight.
  • The varied purchase price range reflects market dynamics, influencing investor sentiment positively and strengthening Thungela's position.
  • Adherence to regulatory standards and transparent disclosures underscores Thungela's commitment to governance and accountability, fostering investor trust.
Thungela Resources Limited

Thungela Resources Limited has recently made strategic moves in its securities acquisition. This article delves into the details of these acquisitions and their implications.

Understanding Thungela’s Share Plan

Thungela operates under a Deferred Bonus Share (DBS) plan as part of its broader share plan for 2021. This plan involves the acquisition of ordinary shares in the company, which are then held in Treasury until utilized for the settlement of rights.

Transaction Overview

Here’s a breakdown of Thungela’s recent on-market acquisitions of securities:

DateNature of TransactionClass of SecuritiesNumber of SecuritiesVolume Weighted Average Purchase PriceHighest Purchase PriceLowest Purchase PriceTransaction ValueNature of Interest
2 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,330R125.95R128.38R121.05R12,510,613.50Direct beneficial
3 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,330R128.68R130.86R126.50R12,781,784.40Direct beneficial
4 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,330R132.36R134.00R130.00R13,147,318.80Direct beneficial
5 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,330R130.27R133.34R127.04R12,939,719.10Direct beneficial
8 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares76,940R130.78R132.86R127.04R10,062,213.20Direct beneficial
9 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares106,028R134.72R136.53R130.55R14,284,092.16Direct beneficial
10 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares115,022R139.77R143.61R134.00R21,667,424.90Direct beneficial
11 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,330R141.82R145.00R137.17R14,086,980.60Direct beneficial
12 April 2024On-market acquisitionOrdinary shares99,333R147.93R149.61R144.53R14,694,330.70Direct beneficial

Analysis of Transactions

Thungela’s acquisition strategy showcases a varied purchase price range, reflecting market dynamics and strategic timing in acquiring securities. The company’s direct beneficial interest is evident throughout these transactions.



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