TFG Director Nomahlubi Simamane Retires After 15 Years

  • Nomahlubi Simamane retires from The Foschini Group Ltd after 15 years on the board.
  • Her retirement affects TFG's governance and committee memberships, effective September 5, 2024.
  • Chairman Michael Lewis praises Nomahlubi's contributions and wishes her success in future endeavors.

The Foschini Group

The Foschini Group Ltd (TFG) announced today that Ms. Nomahlubi Simamane, an independent non-executive director, will retire from the board effective September 5, 2024. Ms. Simamane has served with distinction for over 15 years, contributing significantly to TFG’s governance and committee activities.

Her retirement marks a pivotal moment for TFG, prompting reflections on her enduring impact on corporate governance. Ms. Simamane’s departure will also see her stepping down from roles on the Audit, Risk, and Social & Ethics Committees, where she played a crucial role in ensuring robust oversight and ethical standards.

Chairman Michael Lewis expressed heartfelt gratitude for Ms. Simamane’s dedication and camaraderie during her tenure. “Nomahlubi has been a valued member of our board for over fifteen years,” Lewis remarked. “Her insights and leadership have been invaluable, and she will be greatly missed.”

The announcement from TFG underscores its commitment to maintaining strong governance practices and board diversity. Market analysts may now speculate on the implications of Ms. Simamane’s retirement for TFG’s future strategic direction and governance framework.


The retirement of Nomahlubi Simamane from The Foschini Group Ltd marks the end of a distinguished 15-year tenure. Her departure from the board and committees underscores a significant change in TFG’s governance landscape, prompting reflection on her impactful contributions and the future direction of board dynamics and governance practices.

This transition, effective September 5, 2024, follows the conclusion of TFG’s annual general meeting. Chairman Michael Lewis and the board express deep appreciation for Nomahlubi’s leadership and camaraderie, highlighting her role in enhancing corporate governance over the years. As TFG navigates this change, market analysts may scrutinize the implications for board diversity and governance continuity.

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