Spear REIT Surges with Strong FY2024 Financials and Dividend Declaration

Spear REIT Limited recently released its audited financial results for the year ending 29 February 2024. This article delves into the key financial metrics, dividend declaration, tax implications, and overall performance of Spear REIT.

Financial Performance Overview

Spear REIT showcased a resilient financial performance in FY2024, with notable increases in distributable income per share (DIPS) and distribution per share (DPS). DIPS rose by 1.04% to 82.99 cents per share, while DPS increased by 3.80% to 78.86 cents per share. The average pay-out ratio was 95.09%, reflecting a robust dividend distribution strategy.

Property Portfolio Analysis

Spear REIT’s property portfolio encompasses various sectors, including industrial, commercial, office, retail, and development land. The portfolio’s value surged by 9.78% to R4.62 billion, with a portfolio occupancy rate of 93.12%. Notably, the Western Cape segment boasted full occupancy, highlighting strategic asset management.

Financial Highlights and Ratios

The REIT witnessed a decrease in Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio to 31.60%, signifying improved debt management. Additionally, the interest cover ratio stood at a healthy 2.28 times, indicating the company’s ability to meet interest payments comfortably. Tangible net asset value per share increased, reflecting enhanced asset backing for shareholders.

Dividend Declaration and Tax Implications

The board of directors declared a gross final dividend of 40.53328 cents per share, showcasing a commitment to shareholder value. However, shareholders need to consider tax implications, especially regarding South African tax residency and non-resident status. The net dividend amount, post-tax, is 32.42662 cents per share for non-exempt shareholders.

Financial Tables and Illustrations

Let’s take a closer look at Spear REIT’s financial performance through a comparative table:

Financial MetricFY2024FY2023
Distributable Income per Share82.99 cents/share82.14 cents/share
Distribution per Share78.86 cents/share75.97 cents/share
Net Asset Value per Share1180 cents/share1148 cents/share
Investment Property ValueR4.62 billionR4.22 billion
Loan-to-Value Ratio31.60%36.30%
RevenueR619 millionR581 million
Headline Earnings per Share82.78 cents/share79.85 cents/share
Earnings per Share161.57 cents/share78.61 cents/share


Spear REIT’s financial results for FY2024 reflect steady growth, particularly in distributable income, property values, and earnings per share. The dividend declaration underscores the company’s commitment to rewarding shareholders. With a strategic focus on asset management and financial prudence, Spear REIT continues to position itself as a robust player in the real estate investment landscape.