Shaftesbury Capital Corrects Block Listing Returns: 1,040,720 Shares Issued, 2.8M Unallotted

  • Shaftesbury Capital corrected block listing returns for shares issued between 2018 and 2022.
  • 1,040,720 shares were issued under the Capital & Counties Performance Share Plan and Matching Share Plan.
  • 2,809,793 shares remain unallotted, and no further shares will be issued under these plans.

Shaftesbury Capital PLC has released a correction regarding its block listing six-monthly returns.

Correction Details

Shaftesbury Capital PLC has announced a correction to its block listing returns. This correction pertains to employee shares issued between 2018 and 2022.

Summary of Block Listing Correction

The correction involves a replacement block listing return. This restates the number of shares issued under the former Capital & Counties Properties PLC Performance Share Plan and Matching Share Plan.

The replacement block listing return confirms that no further awards remain outstanding under these schemes. Both schemes have now been closed.

Block Listing Final Return Details

The final block listing return spans from March 19, 2018, to June 7, 2024.

Period of ReturnFromTo

Unallotted Securities Balance

The balance of unallotted securities from the previous return was 3,850,513.

The block scheme has not been increased since the last return. No additional shares were applied for under the scheme.

Shares Issued and Allotted

During the period, 1,040,720 securities were issued or allotted under the schemes.

The balance of unissued securities at the end of the period stands at 2,809,793.

DetailsNumber of Securities
Unallotted securities from previous return3,850,513
Block scheme increase since last return0
Securities issued/allotted during period1,040,720
Balance of unissued securities2,809,793

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