Pepkor Holdings Reports Strong Growth and Strategic Expansion

  • Robust Financial Performance: Pepkor reported a 9.5% revenue increase to R43.3 billion, driven by strong sales and strategic initiatives.
  • Significant Growth in FinTech Division: FinTech revenue grew by 24.5%, with over 550,000 new A+ accounts and 200,000 FoneYam customers.
  • Strategic Store Expansion and Improved Margins: Pepkor opened 111 new stores, boosting total stores to 5,823 and improving gross profit margins to 38.1%.

Pepkor Holdings Limited has showcased a strong performance in its interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2024. Despite facing a challenging operating environment, Pepkor has demonstrated resilience and strategic acumen, delivering impressive growth across various financial metrics. This article delves into the highlights of Pepkor’s interim results, offering a detailed analysis of its financial performance, strategic initiatives, and future outlook.

Strong Financial Performance

Pepkor reported a 9.5% increase in group revenue, reaching R43.3 billion. This growth is particularly notable given the economic headwinds faced by the company. The increase in revenue was driven by robust sales in the Traditional Retail segment and a significant boost in the FinTech division.

Table 1: Financial Highlights

MetricSix months ended 31 March 2024Six months ended 31 March 2023% Change
Revenue (Rm)43,26439,526+9.5%
Operating Profit before Capital Items5,1154,917+4.0%
Earnings per Share (cents)75.477.7-3.0%
Headline Earnings per Share (cents)75.077.4-3.1%

Growth in FinTech Division

One of the standout areas for Pepkor has been its FinTech strategy. The division saw a remarkable 24.5% growth in revenue, reaching R5.8 billion. This growth was fueled by several strategic initiatives, including the rollout of new financial products and services.

Substantial Increase in A+ Accounts

During the period, Pepkor opened over 550,000 new A+ accounts, demonstrating strong customer acquisition. The total retail credit base now includes 2.5 million customer accounts, reflecting the company’s ability to attract and retain customers through its innovative credit solutions.

Expansion of FoneYam Handset Rentals

Pepkor’s cellular handset rental product, FoneYam, continued to gain traction, with more than 200,000 active customers by the end of the period. This product has made smartphones more accessible and affordable for customers, driving demand and supporting revenue growth.

Growth in Insurance Policies

The number of Abacus insurance policies written nearly doubled to 650,000, indicating strong demand for Pepkor’s affordable insurance products. This expansion underscores the company’s ability to leverage its retail network to offer value-added financial services.

Improved Gross Profit Margins

Pepkor achieved a 200 basis points increase in gross profit margin, reaching 38.1%. This improvement was driven by higher full-price sales and reduced markdown activity. The recovery in retail gross profit margin is a testament to Pepkor’s effective pricing and inventory management strategies.

Strategic Store Expansion

During the period, Pepkor continued its aggressive store expansion strategy, opening 111 new stores and bringing the total store count to 5,823. This expansion was particularly significant in the Avenida segment, where the number of stores increased from six to 22.

Cash Conversion and Capital Allocation

Pepkor maintained a strong cash conversion rate of 85% on a rolling 12-month basis. This solid cash generation enabled the company to fund strategic growth initiatives and reduce debt. The disposal of The Building Company (TBCo) was a notable move to streamline Pepkor’s portfolio and enhance return on capital.

Table 2: Key Financial Metrics

Gross Profit Margin38.1%
Cash Conversion85%
Number of New Stores Opened111
Total Store Count5,823
New A+ Accounts550,000
Active FoneYam Customers200,000+
Abacus Insurance Policies Written650,000

Outlook and Strategic Direction

Looking ahead, Pepkor remains cautiously optimistic. The company acknowledges the ongoing challenges, such as supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainties, including the national elections in South Africa. However, Pepkor’s strategic initiatives, particularly in the FinTech and retail segments, position it well for sustainable growth.

Expansion Plans in Brazil

Pepkor is also exploring international expansion opportunities, with Brazil being a key focus area. The potential for growth in this market is compelling, and Pepkor aims to establish itself as a global leader in discount and value retail.


Pepkor Holdings Limited has demonstrated strong performance amid a challenging environment. The company’s strategic focus on expanding its FinTech division, improving gross profit margins, and aggressive store expansion has paid off, driving significant growth. With continued execution of its strategic initiatives, Pepkor is well-positioned to achieve sustainable growth and deliver value to its shareholders. As the company navigates the complexities of the current economic landscape, its robust financial performance and strategic agility provide a solid foundation for future success.

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