Pan African Resources Approves Resolution with 99.99% Support at General Meeting

Pan African Resources PLC has announced the results of its general meeting held on June 10, 2024. The meeting witnessed the approval of a special resolution concerning the company’s share premium account.

General Meeting Overview

The general meeting was attended by a significant number of shareholders, either in person or by proxy. Shareholders of Pan African Resources have shown overwhelming support for the proposed resolution.

Resolution Details

The main agenda of the meeting was the approval of the cancellation of the company’s share premium account and associated matters.

Resolution Results

Below are the detailed voting results:

ItemNumber of SharesPercentage
Total Eligible Shares1,507,194,407100.00%
Shares Voted1,225,061,67581.28%
Shares Abstained9,127,7430.61%
Votes in Favor1,224,973,63599.99%
Votes Against88,0400.01%

Voting Analysis

The percentage of shares voted is based on the eligible shares, which exclude shares held by directors and substantial shareholders. The results indicate a strong consensus among shareholders.


Pan African Resources PLC has successfully conducted its general meeting, approving a significant resolution. The cancellation of the share premium account marks a strategic financial decision for the company. With strong shareholder support, the company is poised to move forward with its plans.