Omnia Holdings Acquires R126M in Shares for Employee Plan at R63.08 Each

  • Omnia Holdings acquired 1,998,563 shares for R126,059,361.23, averaging R63.075 per share.
  • The acquisition aims to meet obligations under the Omnia 2020 Share Plan.
  • The transaction complies with JSE Listings Requirements and received clearance to deal.

Omnia Holdings Limited, a leading South African company, announced a significant share acquisition. The transaction aims to meet obligations under the Omnia 2020 Share Plan.

Details of the Transaction

On July 3, 2024, Omnia acquired 1,998,563 ordinary shares off-market. The total value of the shares is R126,059,361.23, with an average price of R63.075 per share.

Transaction Summary

Date of TransactionClass of SecuritiesNumber of SecuritiesTotal Value of SecuritiesAverage Price per Security
July 3, 2024Ordinary Shares1,998,563R126,059,361.23R63.075

The highest traded price on the transaction date was R70.19. The lowest traded price was R67.88.


Omnia Holdings Limited’s share acquisition for the Omnia 2020 Share Plan underscores its commitment to rewarding performance and retaining talent. This move is expected to have positive long-term impacts on the company’s growth and shareholder value.

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