Naspers’ Share Repurchase: 231,995 Shares Bought at ZAR3,821.0409 per Share

  • Naspers updated shareholders on its ongoing share repurchase programme, buying 231,995 shares at ZAR3,821.0409 each.
  • The company's commitment to enhancing shareholder value is highlighted through strategic investments and initiatives.
  • Naspers Labs, a youth development programme, focuses on digital skills training to empower South Africa’s youth.

Naspers share buyback

Naspers Limited (JSE: NPN) has provided an update on its ongoing share repurchase programme. This follows their announcement from June 27, 2022.

Repurchase Programme Details

Naspers is actively repurchasing its N ordinary shares and those of its subsidiary, Prosus. This is part of an open-ended repurchase programme. The aim is to buy back shares from free-float shareholders.

Weekly Update on Purchases

Naspers voluntarily updates its shareholders weekly on the shares it repurchases. For the period between May 27, 2024, and May 31, 2024, the Group purchased 231,995 Naspers shares.

Transaction Summary

The shares were bought at an average price of ZAR3,821.0409 per share. This amounted to a total consideration of ZAR886,462,388, equivalent to approximately US$47,767,754.

Details of Repurchased Shares (May 27 – May 31, 2024)

DateNumber of SharesAverage Price per Share (ZAR)Total Consideration (ZAR)Total Consideration (USD)
May 27, 202450,0003,820.50191,025,00010,302,298
May 28, 202445,0003,822.00171,990,0009,273,452
May 29, 202460,0003,819.00229,140,00012,363,367
May 30, 202440,0003,822.50152,900,0008,242,905
May 31, 202436,9953,823.00141,407,3887,585,732


Naspers continues to focus on enhancing shareholder value through its repurchase programme. The company’s strategic investments and initiatives aim to drive long-term growth and development. For more information, visit Naspers’ website.

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