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2023-12-05 7:08 AM

Meta’s VR Shake-Up: Quest Update Ditches Notifications, Sparks Debate on Visual Tech and Unveils Exciting Enhancements

  • Notification Feature Removed: Meta's v60 update for Quest VR headsets discontinues the smartphone notification feature, disrupting user connectivity during VR use.
  • Visual Challenges with Passthrough: Users report difficulty reading phone screens with Quest Pro's passthrough technology, impacting usability.
  • New Features Introduced: Despite the removal, v60 brings enhancements like a layout utility app, improved profiles, and enhanced CPU/GPU performance.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In a recent update, Meta, the company behind the popular Quest VR headsets, has decided to discontinue a feature that allowed users to receive notifications from their smartphones while using the device. The removal of this feature is part of the v60 update, and while the patch notes provided no detailed explanation for this decision, it has left users without a convenient way to stay connected to their smartphones while fully immersed in the virtual reality experience.

Loss of Smartphone Notifications Feature

Introduced in 2021, the smartphone notification feature was a handy tool that allowed users to view notifications from both iOS and Android devices directly within the Quest VR headset. This feature provided a seamless way for users to stay informed about activities on their smartphones without the need to lift the headset, making it a valuable addition to the immersive VR experience.

Without the notifications, users may find it challenging to stay updated on their smartphone activities while engrossed in their Quest VR adventures. Pulling up the headset to check notifications interrupts the virtual experience and might prove inconvenient for users who wish to stay connected without disruptions.

Visual Challenges with Passthrough Technology

While the Quest 3 offers a full-color passthrough feature that enables users to see their smartphone screens for lightweight tasks, the experience seems to fall short on Quest Pro. Reports indicate that reading phone screens on the Quest Pro is “virtually impossible,” and the Quest 2’s grainy black-and-white passthrough is deemed inadequate for viewing phone screens effectively.

New Features Introduced in v60 Update

Despite the removal of the smartphone notification feature, the v60 update brings some positive changes and additions to the Quest VR experience:

  1. Layout Utility App: The update introduces a new layout utility app designed to assist users in spatially measuring, aligning, and visualizing real-world objects directly in their physical space. This tool could prove valuable for users engaged in design and productivity tasks within the virtual environment.New Features in v60 UpdateDetailsLayout Utility AppA tool to spatially measure, align, and visualize real-world objects directly within the VR environment.Enhanced Quest ProfilesUsers can now see information about shared experiences and connections when visiting someone’s profile, with privacy options.Improved CPU and GPU PerformanceQuest Pro’s CPU and GPU will now have higher clock speeds when engaged in mixed reality applications.End-to-End Encrypted Cloud BackupsUsers can enhance the security of their cloud backups by adding a PIN, ensuring end-to-end encryption for added privacy.

Rollout and Availability

The v60 update is currently rolling out, and Meta assures users that if they haven’t received it yet, it “should be in your virtual hands soon.” Users are encouraged to check the Meta Quest blog and detailed release notes for full information on the update.

As VR technology continues to evolve, these updates and adjustments showcase Meta’s commitment to refining the Quest VR experience. Users can anticipate further developments that enhance the overall functionality and enjoyment of their virtual reality adventures.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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