Lewis Employee Share Trust Buys R22.15 Million in Shares

  • Lewis Group's Employee Share Incentive Scheme Trust acquires shares worth R22.15 million.
  • Transactions comply with JSE Listings Requirements and aim to meet future obligations for share schemes.
  • Share purchases indicate confidence in Lewis Group's growth and align with its employee incentive strategy.

Lewis Group Limited

Lewis Group Limited has announced significant transactions by its Employee Share Incentive Scheme Trust.

Transactions Overview

The transactions occurred between June 7 and June 11, 2024. The share trust purchased over 433,000 ordinary shares.

Breakdown of Transactions

The details of the transactions are as follows:

DateNumber of SharesVWAP/RHighest Price Paid/RLowest Price Paid/RTotal Value/R
7 June 202412,51250.7250.7550.68634,670
10 June 2024410,69651.0751.0751.0720,974,245
11 June 202410,73350.8651.0050.70545,835

Purpose of Transactions

The shares were bought to meet future obligations. These obligations pertain to awards already granted to participants under existing share schemes.

Details of Each Transaction

On June 7, the trust bought 12,512 shares. The VWAP was R50.72 per share. The total transaction value was R634,670.

On June 10, the trust acquired 410,696 shares. Each share was purchased at R51.07. This transaction’s total value was R20,974,245.

On June 11, the trust purchased 10,733 shares. The VWAP for these shares was R50.86. The total value of this transaction was R545,835.


Lewis Group’s Employee Share Incentive Scheme Trust has made significant share acquisitions. This reflects the company’s commitment to its employees and confidence in its future. The total value of these transactions is approximately R22.15 million.