Hulamin’s Equity-Settled Share Awards Drive Growth and Confidence

  • Hulamin Limited's Equity-Settled Conditional Share Plan aligns executive compensation with long-term shareholder value creation, fostering sustainable growth.
  • Recent awards of Performance Shares and Bonus Shares to directors and key executives demonstrate confidence in the company's prospects.
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements and a culture of performance-based rewards underpin Hulamin's commitment to transparency and good governance.

Hulamin Limited recently announced the acceptance of awards by directors and major subsidiaries under its Equity-Settled Conditional Share Plan. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to aligning executive compensation with long-term shareholder value creation.

What is an Equity-Settled Conditional Share Plan?

An Equity-Settled Conditional Share Plan is a type of compensation plan where executives or employees receive shares as a reward for meeting certain performance conditions. These plans are designed to incentivize participants to achieve specific business goals and drive sustainable growth.

Details of Awards

The recent awards by Hulamin include both Performance Shares and Bonus Shares, which were granted to directors and key executives as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to attract and retain top talent. The awards were made off-market and were issued free of charge.

Table: Summary of Awards

Name of RecipientClass of SecurityNumber of SharesDeemed ValueVesting Date
M GounderPerformance Shares460,460R1,321,520.204 April 2027
Bonus Shares207,587R595,774.694 April 2027
MA JannekerPerformance Shares219,372R629,597.644 April 2027
Bonus Shares140,389R402,916.434 April 2027
KP DeerePerformance Shares205,318R589,262.664 April 2027
Bonus Shares129,363R371,271.814 April 2027

Significance of Awards

These awards hold significant value for the recipients, as they not only serve as a form of recognition for their contributions but also offer a tangible stake in the company’s future performance. By tying the awards to performance metrics and a vesting period, Hulamin ensures that executives remain focused on driving sustainable growth over the long term.

Impact on Shareholders

From a shareholder perspective, equity-settled awards can be seen as a positive indicator of management’s confidence in the company’s prospects. When executives are incentivized to increase shareholder value, it can lead to better decision-making and ultimately benefit all stakeholders.


Hulamin Limited’s acceptance of awards under its Equity-Settled Conditional Share Plan reflects a strategic approach to aligning executive compensation with long-term performance goals. These awards not only incentivize executives to drive sustainable growth but also signal confidence in the company’s future prospects, which bodes well for shareholders and stakeholders alike. By adhering to regulatory requirements and fostering a culture of performance-based rewards, Hulamin continues to unlock value for its shareholders and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

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