Goldway Capital Secures 90.14% Stake in MC Mining, Aiming for 91.08% Ownership Threshold

  • Goldway Capital Investment Limited acquires 90.14% of MC Mining Limited's issued capital through on-market purchases.
  • Goldway aims to reach a relevant interest of 91.08% for compulsory acquisition under the Corporations Act 2001.
  • MC Mining shareholders benefit from Goldway's offer at $0.16 per share, reflecting a fair value assessment.

Goldway Capital Investment Limited’s recent off-market takeover offer for MC Mining Limited has sparked significant interest in the finance and business sectors. This article delves into the details of this takeover bid, the implications for both companies involved, and the broader financial landscape.

Overview of Goldway Capital’s Offer

Goldway Capital has successfully acquired 90.14% of MC Mining Limited’s issued capital through a combination of acceptances and on-market purchases. This substantial holding positions Goldway as a major player in the mining industry.

Importance of Acquiring 91.08% Interest

To proceed with compulsory acquisition under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), Goldway Capital aims to reach a relevant interest of 91.08%. This threshold is crucial for Goldway to gain full control and implement strategic decisions within MC Mining Limited.

Impact on MC Mining Shareholders

MC Mining shareholders who accept Goldway’s offer stand to benefit from the acquisition. The offer price of $0.16 per share reflects a fair value assessment, providing shareholders with an opportunity to realize their investment at an attractive price point.

Financial Implications and Market Response

The financial implications of Goldway’s takeover bid are multifaceted. On one hand, it injects capital into MC Mining, potentially fuelling growth and expansion initiatives. On the other hand, it alters the ownership structure and may lead to strategic shifts in the company’s direction.

Comparison of Voting Power Before and After the Acquisition:

Class of SecuritiesPrevious Voting PowerPresent Voting Power
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares85.24%90.14%

The table above illustrates the significant increase in Goldway’s voting power post-acquisition, highlighting the impact of the takeover on corporate governance and decision-making processes within MC Mining.

Changes in Relevant Interests

Goldway Capital’s acquisition journey involved several key changes in relevant interests, including on-market acquisitions and acceptances under the off-market takeover bid. These changes reflect strategic maneuvers aimed at achieving the desired ownership threshold.

Detailed Breakdown of Acquisitions:

Date of ChangeNumber of MCM SharesConsideration per MCM ShareTotal Consideration
15 April 202443$0.16$6.88
16 April 20241,056,720$0.16$169,075.20
17 April 20241,149,422$0.16$183,907.52
18 April 20246,057,493$0.16$969,198.88
19 April 202411,507,261$0.16$1,841,161.76

The above table provides a detailed breakdown of Goldway’s acquisitions, showcasing the progression and scale of the takeover bid over multiple dates.


Goldway Capital’s off-market takeover offer for MC Mining Limited signifies a strategic move within the mining sector. The acquisition journey, from securing substantial holdings to reaching the critical 91.08% interest threshold, underscores Goldway’s commitment to growth and market leadership. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, this acquisition sets a precedent for future developments and strategic maneuvers within the finance and business sectors.

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