Eastern Platinum Limited Reveals Voting Results from 2024 AGM

  • Eastplats' AGM saw over 99% approval for setting director count at 5 and electing directors.
  • Shareholders approved PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as auditors for the ensuing year with 92.56% support.
  • Significant voter turnout with 61.35% of total votes cast in the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

Eastern Platinum Limited

Eastern Platinum Limited (TSX: ELR) (JSE: EPS) held its 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 18, 2024, with significant voting participation.

Voting Statistics

  • Total Votes: 123,874,488
  • Percentage of Votes Cast: 61.35%

Setting the Director Count

BusinessOutcome of VoteVotes ForVotes AgainstVotes Withheld
DirectorsApproved123,135,868 (99.40%)738,618 (0.60%)

The proposal to set the number of directors at 5 was overwhelmingly approved by shareholders, with 99.40% in favor.

Directors Elected

Resolution ElectingOutcome of VoteVotes ForVotes Against
Lisa NgApproved122,118,100 (99.88%)152,493 (0.12%)
Changyu (Charlie) LiuApproved122,126,114 (99.88%)144,479 (0.12%)
George DorinApproved122,127,100 (99.88%)143,493 (0.12%)
Xin (Alex) GuanApproved122,115,717 (99.87%)154,876 (0.13%)
Dr. Bielin ShiApproved122,126,417 (99.88%)144,176 (0.12%)

Shareholders elected all proposed directors to the Company, with overwhelming support ranging from 99.87% to 99.88%.

Appointment of Auditors

ResolutionOutcome of VoteVotes ForVotes Against
Appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPApproved114,657,963 (92.56%)9,216,525 (7.44%)

The appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as auditors for the ensuing year was approved, with 92.56% in favour.


Eastern Platinum Limited’s recent Annual General Meeting witnessed substantial shareholder participation, with all proposed resolutions receiving overwhelming support. The company continues to maintain its commitment to transparency and effective governance.

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