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DRA Global Limited Names BDO Audit Pty Ltd as New Auditor Amidst Restructuring

  • DRA Global Limited appoints BDO Audit Pty Ltd as its new auditor due to BDO WA's restructuring.
  • Regulatory compliance and shareholder approval are key aspects of the auditor change process.
  • Investors and stakeholders will closely monitor the impact of the change on financial transparency.

DRA Global Limited recently made an announcement regarding a change in its auditor. This move has sparked interest in the financial and business sectors, prompting a closer look at the implications and reasons behind such a decision.

The Change in Auditor

The recent announcement from DRA Global Limited reveals that BDO Audit Pty Ltd has been appointed as the new auditor, following the resignation of BDO Audit (WA) Pty Ltd. This change was necessitated by a restructuring in BDO WA’s audit practice.

Implications for Investors

The appointment of a new auditor can have significant implications for investors and stakeholders. It often signals a shift in the company’s financial oversight and transparency measures. Investors may closely monitor how the new auditor handles the company’s financial reporting and audits.

Stakeholder Communication

DRA Global Limited has taken proactive steps to communicate this change to its stakeholders. Media inquiries can be directed to Michael Vaughan at Fivemark Partners, while investor queries can be addressed to Andrew Prior, also from Fivemark Partners. Shareholder administration details are also provided for further assistance.

Financial Performance and Market Response

The market’s response to such announcements can vary based on factors like the reputation of the new auditor, the reasons for the change, and the overall financial performance of the company. Investors may analyze past financial statements and market trends to gauge potential impacts on stock performance.


NameBDO Audit (WA) Pty LtdBDO Audit Pty Ltd
Reasons for ChangeRestructuring
Regulatory ApprovalASIC’s consent
ConfirmationAGM Resolution


DRA Global Limited’s appointment of a new auditor signifies a strategic move in its financial governance structure. This change, backed by regulatory compliance and stakeholder communication, reflects the company’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Investors and stakeholders alike will closely monitor the impact of this change on the company’s financial performance and market dynamics.



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