Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG Appoints New CFO

  • New CFO Appointment: Mr. Kyrill Turchaninov is the new CFO of Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG, effective immediately.
  • Management Board: The board now consists of CFO Kyrill Turchaninov and CIO Alexander Kroth.
  • Market Impact: Investors will watch how the new CFO influences DKR’s financial strategies and performance.

Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG (DKR) has announced a significant change in its management. The company appointed Mr. Kyrill Turchaninov as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This decision came from the Supervisory Board on June 6, 2024.

Immediate Effect

Mr. Turchaninov’s appointment is effective immediately. He replaces the previous CFO, who stepped down from the Management Board simultaneously. The company did not disclose the reasons for the previous CFO’s departure.

Management Board Composition

With this new appointment, DKR’s Management Board now consists of two key members:

  • Mr. Kyrill Turchaninov (CFO)
  • Mr. Alexander Kroth (CIO)

These executives will jointly oversee the company’s operations and strategic direction.

Background of the New CFO

Mr. Kyrill Turchaninov brings extensive experience to his new role. His background includes significant roles in financial management and strategic planning. His expertise is expected to bolster DKR’s financial health and operational efficiency.

Role of the Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Alexander Kroth, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO), will continue to focus on investment strategies. His role remains crucial in driving DKR’s growth and expansion plans. Together, the CFO and CIO aim to enhance the company’s market position and shareholder value.

Strategic Goals

DKR aims to strengthen its portfolio of retail properties. The company is focused on sustainable growth and value creation for its shareholders. With the new CFO, DKR plans to refine its financial strategies to support these goals.


The appointment of Mr. Kyrill Turchaninov as the new CFO marks a pivotal moment for Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG. The market will be keen to observe how this leadership change impacts the company’s financial strategy and performance. DKR’s focus on retail properties, coupled with strategic leadership, positions it well for future growth. Investors and stakeholders can expect updates as the new CFO begins his tenure and sets new financial directions for the company.