Deep Yellow Taps Nedbank for Tumas Project Financing, Eyes Optimal Uranium Growth

  • Deep Yellow Limited appoints Nedbank for Tumas Project financing in Namibia.
  • Nedbank chosen for its extensive experience in financing African mining projects, including uranium.
  • The appointment aims to secure competitive funding for optimal project development and market exposure.


Deep Yellow Limited (DYL) has announced a significant step in the development of its Tumas Project in Namibia. The company has appointed Nedbank Limited as the Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner to coordinate and arrange the project financing. This move marks a key milestone for Deep Yellow’s flagship uranium project.

Key Appointment for Project Financing

Nedbank, through its Corporate and Investment Banking Division, has been selected for this crucial role. The bank has a strong track record in financing mining projects across Africa, including uranium ventures. This appointment is expected to facilitate a competitively priced cost of funding for the Tumas Project.

Deep Yellow and Nedbank’s Proven Partnership

The selection of Nedbank is based on its extensive experience and successful collaboration with Deep Yellow’s current management team. Previously, Nedbank led project financings for a uranium project in Namibia and another African project with the same team. This strong working relationship was pivotal to the appointment.

Financing Strategy and Expected Outcomes

Deep Yellow aims to work closely with Nedbank to implement an optimal level of offtake commitments. This strategy is designed to ensure maximum uranium price exposure while securing necessary debt funding. The project’s financing is anticipated to provide a competitively priced cost of funding, crucial for its development.

Key Points of the Announcement

  • Project: Tumas Project in Namibia
  • Appointee: Nedbank Limited, Corporate and Investment Banking Division
  • Role: Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner
  • Objective: Arrange and coordinate project financing
  • Benefits: Competitively priced cost of funding, optimal offtake commitments
Key AspectDetails
Project NameTumas Project
Appointed BankNedbank Limited
DivisionCorporate and Investment Banking
RoleMandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner
Financing GoalCompetitively priced cost of funding
StrategyOptimal offtake commitments
Experience BasisPrevious uranium projects in Africa


Deep Yellow’s appointment of Nedbank for the Tumas Project financing marks a significant milestone. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to developing its flagship uranium project in Namibia. The collaboration with Nedbank is expected to deliver a competitively priced cost of funding, essential for the project’s success. As Deep Yellow progresses with the financing arrangements, the company remains focused on maximizing the project’s potential and securing a strong market position.

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