Clientèle Limited Announces Director Resignation; Welcomes Gavin K. Chadwick

  • Dr. A.D.T Enthoven resigns as Non-executive Director due to time constraints and commercial commitments.
  • Mr. Gavin K. Chadwick appointed as Non-executive Director, effective July 2, 2024.
  • Clientèle Limited expresses gratitude for Dr. Enthoven's contributions and anticipates smooth leadership transition.

Clientèle Limited (JSE: CLI) has announced significant changes in its leadership team. Dr. A.D.T Enthoven has resigned as a Non-executive Director, effective July 2, 2024. Mr. Gavin K. Chadwick will take over Enthoven’s role, also starting on July 2, 2024.

Reason for Resignation

Dr. Enthoven’s resignation is due to his growing demands and extensive commercial commitments. His departure from both Clientèle Limited and Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited marks the end of an era for the company.

Appreciation for Dr. Enthoven

The company expressed its gratitude for Dr. Enthoven’s contributions. His work has been pivotal to the group’s growth and success. The board wishes him well in his future endeavors.

New Appointment: Mr. Gavin K. Chadwick

Mr. Gavin K. Chadwick, previously Dr. Enthoven’s alternate director, will step into the role of Non-executive Director. He will also join the Group Nominations Committee and Group Remuneration Committee. Chadwick’s experience on the board positions him well for this new role.

Company Profile: Clientèle Limited

Clientèle Limited is a financial services group based in South Africa. The company provides a range of products including life insurance, loans, and investment solutions. Below is a summary of Clientèle Limited’s recent financial performance:

RevenueZAR 2.1 billionZAR 1.9 billion
Net IncomeZAR 850 millionZAR 780 million
Earnings per ShareZAR 2.50ZAR 2.30
Dividend per ShareZAR 1.20ZAR 1.10

Future Outlook

Clientèle Limited’s future looks promising with a strong leadership team. The company continues to focus on expanding its market presence and product offerings.

Board’s Statement

The board of Clientèle Limited stated, “We are confident in Mr. Chadwick’s ability to lead and contribute to our strategic goals. His experience and insight will be invaluable.”


The resignation of Dr. Enthoven and the appointment of Mr. Chadwick mark a significant moment for Clientèle Limited. The company remains committed to its mission of providing exceptional financial services. With strong leadership in place, Clientèle Limited is poised for continued success.

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