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Capital Appreciation Limited Shines with 82% Increase in EPS | Rateweb
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Capital Appreciation Limited Shines with 82% Increase in EPS

Capital Appreciation Limited has announced its trading statement for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2024. The Group has experienced remarkable growth, driven by increased business activity in the Payments division, effective expense management, and robust cash flows. This article delves into the details of Capital Appreciation’s financial performance, providing a comprehensive analysis of its revenue, earnings, and strategic initiatives.

Revenue Milestone Achieved

Surpassing the Billion Rand Mark

Capital Appreciation Limited has achieved a significant milestone by exceeding R1 billion in group revenue for the first time. This achievement highlights the company’s successful expansion efforts and its ability to attract new clients. The Payments and Software divisions have been instrumental in this growth, diversifying their revenue streams and increasing market shares.

Factors Contributing to Revenue Growth

The company’s revenue growth can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Increased Business Activity in Payments Division: The Payments division experienced heightened business activity, reflecting strong market demand.
  • Improved Expense Management: Effective management of expenses contributed to better financial outcomes.
  • Strong Cash Flows: Robust cash flows provided the financial stability necessary for growth.
  • First-Time Contribution of the Dariel Group: Acquired in July 2023, the Dariel Group made its initial financial contribution, bolstering overall revenue.

Enhanced Earnings Per Share (EPS) and Headline Earnings Per Share (HEPS)

Significant Improvement in Earnings

Capital Appreciation Limited reported substantial improvements in its EPS and HEPS for the year ended 31 March 2024. Basic EPS increased from 7.39 cents in March 2023 to a range of 13.45 to 13.73 cents, marking an impressive 82% to 85.8% growth. Similarly, HEPS rose from 7.44 cents to a range of 13.47 to 13.75 cents, reflecting an 81% to 84.8% increase.

Table: EPS and HEPS Growth

MetricMarch 2024March 2023Increase (%)
EPS (cents)13.45 – 13.737.3982.0% – 85.8%
HEPS (cents)13.47 – 13.757.4481.0% – 84.8%

Contributors to Earnings Growth

The significant improvement in earnings is attributed to:

  • Higher Finance Income: Increased finance income positively impacted overall earnings.
  • Reduced Expected Credit Loss for GovChat: A considerably reduced expected credit loss for GovChat improved financial performance.
  • Contribution from Dariel Group: The acquisition of Dariel Group added to earnings, demonstrating successful integration and synergy realization.

Operational Efficiency and Cash Flow Management

Increased Cash Generated from Operations

Capital Appreciation Limited reported a significant increase in cash generated from operations. This improvement underscores the company’s operational efficiency and effective cash flow management. Strong cash flows provide the company with the flexibility to invest in growth opportunities and sustain its operations.

Strategic Initiatives and Market Expansion

Focus on Diversification and Market Penetration

The Group’s strategic initiatives have been focused on diversification and market penetration. By attracting new clients and expanding into new markets, Capital Appreciation has been able to sustain its growth momentum. The Payments and Software divisions have been particularly successful in this regard.

Impact of Delayed Contracts on Software Division

Despite the overall positive performance, the Software division faced challenges due to the delay or deferral of contracts by clients in the second half of the financial year. This delay affected the division’s results, highlighting the importance of timely contract execution in sustaining growth.


Capital Appreciation Limited’s trading statement for the year ended 31 March 2024 showcases a remarkable turnaround in its financial performance. The company’s ability to surpass the R1 billion revenue mark, coupled with significant improvements in EPS and HEPS, underscores its strong market position and strategic execution. With robust cash flows and successful diversification efforts, Capital Appreciation is well-positioned for continued growth and market leadership.