Bytes Technology Group’s 1,532 New Shares Application

  • Bytes Technology Group applies for listing of 1,532 new shares to satisfy BTG Sharesave Plan.
  • Admission of shares to LSE expected on 7 June 2024, ranking pari passu with existing shares.
  • Impact on employees and shareholders: increased employee ownership, minimal dilution for existing shareholders.

Bytes Technology Group plc (BTG) has applied to list additional shares. The company has made this application to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Shares to Satisfy BTG Sharesave Plan

BTG is issuing 1,532 ordinary shares at £0.01 each. These shares are intended to satisfy the exercise of options under the BTG Sharesave Plan. This plan allows employees to save and buy company shares.

Expected Admission Date

The new shares are expected to be admitted to trading on 7 June 2024. This admission will be on the premium segment of the LSE’s main market.

Details of the New Shares

These new shares will rank pari passu with existing issued shares. This means they will have equal standing with existing shares in terms of rights and obligations.

Corporate Information

BTG is incorporated in England and Wales. The company is registered under the number 12935776. Its Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is 213800LA4DZLFBAC9O33.

Share Information

Share CodeBYI


BTG’s application for the listing of additional shares is a strategic move. It supports the company’s Sharesave Plan and enhances employee ownership. The expected admission on 7 June 2024, will increase the total number of outstanding shares. This move reflects BTG’s commitment to its employees and confidence in its future growth.

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