Burstone Group Unveils Strategic Shift and FY24

Burstone Group Limited, formerly known as Investec Property Fund, has unveiled its financial results for the year ended 31 March 2024. The company is undergoing a significant strategic repositioning, transitioning from a property investment business to an integrated international real estate fund and asset management company. This article delves into the key takeaways from Burstone’s FY24 results and explores its future prospects.

Solid Performance Amidst Challenges

Burstone delivered a solid performance in FY24, with distributable earnings per share (DIPS) increasing by 1.0% to 105.67cps. This growth was driven by strong operational performance in both South Africa and Europe, with like-for-like net property income (NOI) increasing by 1.5% and 6.2% respectively.

RegionLFL NOI Growth
South Africa1.5%

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However, the overall financial performance was dampened by higher funding costs due to rising interest rates. The company’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio increased to 44%, primarily due to the internalization of management, capital expenditures, and revaluation of the European portfolio.

Strategic Repositioning and Future Outlook

Burstone’s strategic repositioning is already yielding positive results. The company is benefiting from synergies created by internalization, cost-saving initiatives, and an enhanced international footprint. It is also actively pursuing a de-gearing strategy, with plans to sell assets worth R1.2 billion to R1.4 billion in South Africa and €150 million to €250 million in Europe.

The company’s long-term focus is on developing a capital-light fund management model through various growth opportunities. These initiatives are expected to create new revenue streams and further diversify the business.

Challenges and Mitigation Strategies

Burstone faces several challenges, including rising funding costs, muted macroeconomic conditions in South Africa, and yield expansion in the European property market. However, the company is proactively addressing these challenges through various measures.

To mitigate the impact of higher funding costs, Burstone is implementing cost-saving initiatives, optimizing its balance sheet, and exploring new revenue streams. It is also actively managing its refinancing and interest rate risk.

Table: Key Financial Metrics (FY24 vs. FY23)

MetricFY24FY23Change (%)
DIPS (cps)105.67104.641.0%
NAV per share (ZAR)15.4516.17(4.5%)
Total Group debt (ZAR/EUR)R11.9bnR10.5bn13.3%

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Investor Considerations

Investors should carefully consider the potential risks and rewards associated with Burstone’s strategic repositioning. While the company’s long-term prospects appear promising, the near-term outlook is clouded by macroeconomic uncertainties and rising interest rates. The company’s ability to successfully execute its de-gearing and fund management strategies will be crucial for its future success.


Burstone Group Limited is at a pivotal point in its transformation journey. The company’s strategic repositioning and focus on capital-light initiatives could unlock significant growth potential in the medium to long term. However, investors should closely monitor the company’s progress in navigating the current challenges and executing its strategic plan.