Board Shake-Up at Brikor Limited: New Executive Director Appointed, Resignation, and Designation Change

Brikor Limited recently announced major changes to its board of directors. These changes, effective from 23 May 2024, involve notable appointments, resignations, and re-designations. This article delves into the details of these changes and their implications for Brikor Limited and its shareholders.

Board Changes Announced by Brikor Limited

In compliance with paragraph 3.59 of the JSE Listings Requirements, Brikor Limited has made several strategic changes to its board. These changes aim to strengthen the company’s leadership and ensure continued growth and stability.

Appointment of Johan (Joe) van Rensburg

Brikor Limited has appointed Johan (Joe) van Rensburg as an executive director. Joe brings over 25 years of experience in the mining sector to his new role. He has a solid background in mine management and Safety Health Environment management. Joe’s expertise also extends to various training roles within the industry. Currently, he serves as the mine manager of Ilangabi Investments 12 (Pty) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brikor.

Joe van Rensburg’s Professional Background

Joe van Rensburg’s career spans numerous high-impact roles within the mining sector. His extensive experience in mine management positions him well to contribute to Brikor’s strategic goals. Joe’s commitment to Safety Health Environment management ensures that Brikor continues to prioritize safe and sustainable mining practices.

Resignation of Schalk Burger

Schalk Burger, a non-executive director of Brikor, has resigned from his position. Schalk’s departure marks the end of an era for Brikor’s board. His invaluable contributions have played a crucial role in guiding the company through various phases of its development.

Impact of Schalk Burger’s Resignation

Schalk Burger’s resignation necessitates adjustments within the board’s composition. His extensive knowledge and experience will be missed. However, the board is confident in its ability to continue steering the company towards growth and success.

Designation Change for Corné Oberholzer

Corné Oberholzer has transitioned from his role as an alternative director to Schalk Burger to a non-executive director of Brikor. This change reflects Brikor’s strategic approach to ensuring continuity and stability within its leadership team.

Corné Oberholzer’s New Role

As a non-executive director, Corné Oberholzer will bring his expertise to the board, contributing to strategic decision-making processes. His familiarity with Brikor’s operations and strategic goals positions him as a valuable asset in his new role.

Strategic Implications of the Board Changes

These changes to Brikor Limited’s board are strategic moves designed to enhance the company’s governance and leadership. The appointment of Joe van Rensburg is expected to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the executive team. Schalk Burger’s resignation, while significant, opens opportunities for new leadership dynamics. Corné Oberholzer’s re-designation ensures continuity and stability within the board.

Table: Summary of Brikor Board Changes

NamePrevious RoleNew RoleEffective Date
Johan (Joe) van RensburgN/AExecutive Director23 May 2024
Schalk BurgerNon-Executive DirectorResigned23 May 2024
Corné OberholzerAlternative Director to Schalk BurgerNon-Executive Director23 May 2024


Brikor Limited’s recent board changes represent a significant step in the company’s strategic evolution. The appointment of Joe van Rensburg, the resignation of Schalk Burger, and the re-designation of Corné Oberholzer are all moves designed to strengthen the company’s leadership. These changes are expected to enhance Brikor’s governance and ensure continued growth and stability. As Brikor moves forward, its commitment to sustainable mining practices and shareholder value remains steadfast.