Board Changes at The Thekwini Fund 17 (RF)

  • Thekwini Fund 17 announced board changes: Williams resigned, Mthembu appointed.
  • Changes comply with JSE Debt Listing Requirements, ensure legal compliance.
  • Standard Bank acts as debt sponsor, ensuring regulatory adherence.

The Thekwini Fund 17 (RF) Limited has announced changes to its board of directors. These changes comply with the JSE Debt Listing Requirements. The adjustments involve both a resignation and a new appointment.

Resignation of Ms. Bronwyn Bianca Williams

Ms. Bronwyn Bianca Williams has resigned as a non-executive director. Her resignation took effect on May 31, 2024. Williams’ departure marks the end of her tenure with Thekwini Fund 17.

Appointment of Mr. Sikhumbuzo Charles Mthembu

Mr. Sikhumbuzo Charles Mthembu has been appointed as a non-executive director. His appointment is effective from June 1, 2024. Mthembu’s addition is expected to bring new perspectives to the board.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

The changes are in accordance with the Companies Act. They also conform to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) of The Thekwini Fund 17. This ensures that the board remains compliant with all legal requirements.

JSE Debt Listing Requirements

The adjustments adhere to paragraph 6.39 of the JSE Debt Listing Requirements. This is crucial for maintaining the company’s listing status. Adherence to these guidelines is essential for transparency and governance.

Company Background

The Thekwini Fund 17 (RF) Limited is incorporated with limited liability in South Africa. It holds the registration number 2020/916910/06. The issuer code for the fund is TKWI17.

Detailed Overview of Board Changes

Below is a table summarizing the board changes:

Change TypeDirector NameEffective Date
ResignationMs. Bronwyn Bianca WilliamsMay 31, 2024
AppointmentMr. Sikhumbuzo Charles MthembuJune 1, 2024


The board changes at The Thekwini Fund 17 (RF) Limited mark significant developments. The resignation of Williams and the appointment of Mthembu are key highlights. These adjustments are made in compliance with regulatory requirements. The involvement of Standard Bank ensures adherence to listing standards. The fund is poised for continued governance and strategic growth.

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