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Anglo American Rejects BHP's Complex Takeover Proposal | Rateweb
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Anglo American Rejects BHP’s Complex Takeover Proposal

Anglo American plc recently issued a response to BHP Group Limited’s takeover proposal, highlighting significant concerns. This article delves into the details, examining the reasons behind Anglo American’s rejection and the implications for stakeholders.


On May 29, 2024, Anglo American plc publicly rejected a takeover proposal from BHP Group Limited. The proposal included an all-share offer and the requirement for Anglo American to demerge its holdings in Anglo American Platinum and Kumba Iron Ore. Despite extensive negotiations, Anglo American’s Board deemed the proposal unsuitable for their shareholders.

Background of the Proposal

BHP’s Takeover Attempt

BHP Group Limited made three unsolicited, non-binding, and highly conditional proposals to acquire Anglo American. The latest proposal included an all-share offer and required Anglo American to complete two demergers. These proposals were seen as complex and unprecedented in nature.

Initial Rejections

Anglo American’s Board rejected BHP’s proposals on April 26, May 13, and May 22, 2024. The Board cited concerns about value delivery to shareholders and the complexity of the proposed transactions.

Details of the Rejected Proposal

Structure of the Proposal

The proposal required Anglo American to demerge its entire shareholdings in Anglo American Platinum and Kumba Iron Ore. This was to be done prior to BHP’s takeover. The demergers and the takeover were inter-conditional, making the process complex and risky.

Regulatory and Execution Risks

The proposed structure involved significant regulatory approvals. These approvals would likely result in material conditions, impacting the value of Anglo American Platinum and Kumba. This complexity posed execution risks that were deemed disproportionate by Anglo American’s Board.

Anglo American’s Concerns

Value Impact on Shareholders

The Board expressed concerns about the impact on shareholder value. The inter-conditional nature of the transactions would introduce significant risks and uncertainty over an extended period. This could erode the value of shares held by minority shareholders in Anglo American Platinum and Kumba.

Inadequate Socioeconomic Measures

BHP proposed limited socioeconomic measures to support regulatory approvals. However, these measures were insufficient to address the Board’s concerns about value and execution risks.

Extended Implementation Period

The proposal’s complex structure was expected to take over 18 months to implement. This extended period would introduce material risks to completion and uncertainty around value delivery.

Anglo American’s Standalone Plan

Simpler Value Delivery

Anglo American’s Board reiterated their commitment to a simpler, standalone plan to accelerate value delivery. This plan, announced on May 14, 2024, contrasts sharply with BHP’s complex proposal.

Focus on Sustainable Growth

Anglo American’s standalone plan focuses on sustainable growth and long-term value creation. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations by 2040 and is committed to several sustainability goals.

Implications for Stakeholders


The rejection of BHP’s proposal reflects Anglo American’s commitment to protecting shareholder value. Shareholders are advised to take no action in relation to BHP’s proposal.

Regulatory Landscape

The proposal’s complexity highlights the increasing regulatory considerations for takeovers, particularly in South Africa and other jurisdictions. These considerations are critical in assessing the feasibility and impact of such proposals.

Future Prospects

Anglo American’s rejection of BHP’s proposal underscores the importance of strategic alignment in mergers and acquisitions. The focus remains on sustainable growth and value creation, ensuring long-term benefits for stakeholders.


Anglo American plc’s rejection of BHP’s takeover proposal is a significant decision, underscoring the company’s commitment to shareholder value and sustainable growth. The complex and unprecedented nature of the proposal, coupled with significant execution and regulatory risks, led to the Board’s unanimous decision. Anglo American’s focus remains on its standalone plan, which aims to deliver long-term value and sustainability.

Table: Comparison of Proposals

AspectBHP’s ProposalAnglo American’s Standalone Plan
Transaction StructureAll-share offer with inter-conditional demergersSimplified value delivery approach
Regulatory ApprovalsRequired multiple, complex approvalsStreamlined regulatory considerations
Implementation PeriodOver 18 monthsShorter, more predictable timeline
Value DeliveryHigh uncertainty and riskFocus on sustainable growth and shareholder value
Sustainability GoalsLimited focus on socioeconomic measuresComprehensive sustainability commitments, including carbon neutrality by 2040