Andrada Mining Q1 FY2025: Ore Processing Up 9.5%, Tin Production Up 3.2%

  • Andrada Mining's Q1 FY2025 saw a 9.5% increase in ore processed and a 3.2% rise in tin production.
  • The company achieved a 93% plant availability rate, reflecting operational efficiency improvements.
  • Realised tin prices surged by 22.6% YoY, boosting revenue for the African technology metals mining firm.

Andrada Mining

Andrada Mining Limited (AIM: ATM, OTCQB: ATMTF) has released its unaudited operational update for Q1 FY2025. The African technology metals mining company, with assets in Namibia, demonstrated robust performance.

Key Metrics

The quarter saw significant improvements across various operational metrics. Here’s a breakdown:

MetricQ1 FY2025Q1 FY2024YoY Change
Ore Processed (tonnes)237,976217,189+9.5%
Tin Concentrate Production (tonnes)364359+1.4%
Contained Tin Production (tonnes)223216+3.2%
Plant Availability93%91%+2.2%
Realised Tin Price (US$/tonne)30,83925,149+22.6%
Saleable Tantalum Concentrate (tonnes)9N/A

Operational Highlights

Increased Ore Processing and Tin Production

Andrada Mining processed 237,976 tonnes of ore in Q1 FY2025, up from 217,189 tonnes in Q1 FY2024. This represents a 9.5% year-on-year (YoY) increase. Tin concentrate production also saw a YoY increase, reaching 364 tonnes from 359 tonnes. Contained tin production rose to 223 tonnes, up 3.2% from the previous year.

Enhanced Plant Availability

Plant availability improved to 93%, compared to 91% in Q1 FY2024. This reflects the company’s efforts in enhancing operational efficiency.

Tantalum Concentrate Production

A notable achievement was the production of nine tonnes of saleable tantalum concentrate. This marks a 14% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) increase. Of this, five tonnes were shipped to AfriMet under the existing offtake agreement.

Financial Performance

Rise in Realised Tin Prices

Andrada Mining benefited from an increase in realised tin prices. The price rose from US$25,149 per tonne in Q1 FY2024 to US$30,839 per tonne in Q1 FY2025. This 22.6% YoY increase positively impacted the company’s revenue.

Strategic Insights

Focus on Technology Metals

Andrada Mining’s portfolio emphasizes technology metals, crucial for the modern economy. The company’s operations in Namibia position it well within the global supply chain.

Management Commentary

Anthony Viljoen, Chief Executive Officer of Andrada Mining, commented on the results: “We are pleased with our performance this quarter. The increase in ore processed and tin production demonstrates our operational strength.”

Looking Ahead

Expansion Plans

The company is focused on expanding its production capabilities. Future plans include increasing the processing capacity and exploring additional resources in Namibia.

Sustainability Efforts

Andrada Mining is committed to sustainable mining practices. The company continues to implement measures to minimize environmental impact and enhance community engagement.


Andrada Mining Limited has showcased steady growth in its Q1 FY2025 operational update. The company’s strategic focus on technology metals and operational efficiencies bodes well for future performance.

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