Adcock Ingram’s Employee Share Trust Buys 12,777 Shares at R 61.50 Each Amid Market Resilience

  • Adcock Ingram's Employee Share Trust purchased 12,777 shares at R 61.50 each.
  • The transaction aligns with JSE Listings Requirements and benefits participating employees.
  • Market analysts anticipate positive impact on company performance.

Adcock Ingram

Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited has announced a significant purchase by its Employee Share Trust (2008). This move comes in compliance with the JSE Limited Listings Requirements. The transaction aims to fulfil obligations arising from the exercise of options by participants.

Details of the Transaction

The transaction details are crucial for shareholders and potential investors. The Employee Share Trust purchased a substantial number of shares. This action aligns with Adcock Ingram’s commitment to its employees.

Transaction Summary

Company NameAdcock Ingram Limited Employee Share Trust (2008)
Date of Transaction24 June 2024
Nature of TransactionOn-market purchase of securities
Number of Securities Purchased12,777
Class of SecuritiesOrdinary shares
Purchase Price per ShareR 61.50
Total Value of TransactionR 785,785.50

Impact on Shareholders

This transaction demonstrates the company’s dedication to its employees. By acquiring shares in the open market, the trust directly benefits participants. Each share purchased is a direct beneficial interest to the participants. This can potentially enhance employee motivation and retention.


Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited’s Employee Share Trust has made a notable transaction. The purchase of 12,777 ordinary shares demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare. This move, compliant with JSE requirements, is likely to be well-received by the market.

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