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Rateweb’s best festive season spending tips for 2022

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December brings fun, joy, and festivities, but also responsibilities. “There is no festive season without a little bit of irresponsibility.” Well, this article seeks to help you navigate the waters without compromising your festive wishes.


Here are spending tips to help you enjoy the festive season without breaking the bank

  1. Develop a list of your festive needs and wants:
    Bucket List: Develop a list of your festive needs and wants
    Write down everything you need or will have to do that needs money. Don’t leave anything out of that list. It will probably kill the joy of spontaneous activities, but having a list is like developing a constitution. It will guide you and save you lots of money. This is not a budget, people rarely follow budgets during the festive, it is; however, much easier to follow a list of activities and limit your purchases to things you pre-planned.
  2. Shop for discounts:

    There is no season with more discounts than festive. Use your list stated on #1 to search and find discounts over the internet. Almost every store has a website with all their catalogues and promotions, use this feature to the maximum. Remember, you are not obliged to buy everything in one place.

    Take advantage of the Black Friday shopping. Almost every shop has things you may need at a discount. Over and above that most lenders have a discount for people who will clear their debts on Black Friday.
  3. Don’t spend your December Salary in December:

    Most companies pay December salaries around the 16th, that’s not money to spend in December, that is for January. Most people think it’s a boost for them to further enjoy the festive season. Don’t be caught in such beliefs, January has much more critical expenses.
  4. Keep some money for spontaneous spending:

    Nothing beats doing things spontaneously, it brings joy and excitement, but it always comes at an unusually high cost. This is the biggest threat to your bank balance, you need to brace for it before time. Put aside money for such eventualities. Make sure to try and avoid such spending but should you find yourself under such circumstances only use the money you set out for spontaneous spending. Don’t touch your savings, investments or money budgeted for other things.
  5. Share the expenses:

    The temptation to pay for your family members’ or friends’ restaurant or alcohol bills while going out is always so high during the festive season. However, not all kindness is good for your bank balance. If you find yourself at a restaurant or club, share the bill with everyone else. Footing the bill may make you feel rich, but it will certainly make you poor. DON’T SPEND IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO!
  1. Avoid spending time at the mall:

    “If you are in the water, you will have to swim.” The same applies to the mall. If you are at the mall, you will have to buy. It is rather wise to keep away from the mall, especially during the festive season. Seeing other people spending on luxurious goods and services may pressure you into a spending frenzy.
  2. Don’t leave your home before eating:

    Restaurants and fast foods will break your bank balance. If you eat before leaving your home, you won’t have to spend money unnecessarily. It is believed more than 55 pers of Many believe that spending at a restaurant is a symbol of financial freedom; however, the reality is that financial freedom has more to do with money coming into your bank account than going out.
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  4. Buy a Rugged Smartphone:
    Having a phone that is waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof will save you a lot of money from having to buy new phones during and after the festive season. It is believed that 1 out of 4 phones breaks during the festive season.


There are many more tips on how to manage your money during the festive season, most of which you are aware of. We can’t exhaust all of them in one list. The long and short of spending during the festive season is knowing that December is just a month, there is still life after the season.

Rateweb’s best festive season spending tips for 2022
Staff Writer

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Staff Writer