The Top 10 Funeral Covers in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

Funeral cover, commonly referred to as funeral insurance, is a vital financial tool in South Africa. It ensures that individuals […]

funeral cover

Funeral cover, commonly referred to as funeral insurance, is a vital financial tool in South Africa. It ensures that individuals and their loved ones have the necessary arrangements in place for a dignified burial. With funeral expenses ranging from R10,000.00 to R100,000.00, a funeral policy can significantly ease the financial strain on grieving families.

One of the primary benefits of funeral insurance is the ability to plan for one’s funeral while still alive. This planning provides peace of mind, knowing that loved ones will be well taken care of. Moreover, funeral covers in South Africa are quite affordable, with some plans starting as low as R35.00 per month.

When seeking the best funeral cover in South Africa, individuals have two main options: direct contributions to a funeral package or a funeral benefit life insurance policy. It’s crucial to evaluate which option aligns best with your personal and financial situation.

To guide you in your decision-making, we’ve expanded and curated a list of the top 10 funeral cover providers in South Africa. This list aims to give you a holistic view of the best funeral policies in South Africa, ensuring you make an informed choice.

1. Assupol Funeral Plan

  • instantFuneral: An online platform offering immediate coverage after a 5-step application.
  • Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan: Phone-based service offering up to R75,000.00 coverage.
  • Excellence Family Funeral Plan: In-person consultations designed for families.
  • Cornerstone Pensioner Plan: Specifically tailored for South Africans over 60, especially those receiving government grants.

Benefits of Choosing Assupol Funeral Plan:

  • Multiple platforms for application.
  • Comprehensive coverage options.
  • Specialized plans for different age groups.
  • Immediate coverage for certain plans.

2. Clientele Funeral Plan

  • Funeral Dignity Plan: A plan that can cover up to 13 people, with premiums starting at R250.00 per month.
  • Ultimate Dignity Plan: A comprehensive plan with an automatic premium payback benefit.

Benefits of Choosing Clientele Funeral Plan:

  • Coverage for multiple family members.
  • Premium payback benefits.
  • Competitive premium rates.
  • Immediate coverage for certain plans.

3. Liberty Funeral Cover

  • Standard Funeral Plan: Starting at R40.00 per month, offering a maximum cover of R100,000.

Benefits of Choosing Liberty Funeral Cover:

  • Competitive premium rates.
  • Comprehensive coverage options.
  • Immediate coverage for accidental death.
  • Option to include extended family members.

4. Sanlam Funeral Cover

  • Standard Funeral Plan: Known for its low premium of R56.00 per month and a maximum cover of R100,000.00.

Benefits of Choosing Sanlam Funeral Cover:

  • Affordable premium rates.
  • No medical examinations required.
  • Immediate coverage for accidental death.
  • Coverage for children under 21 at no extra cost.

5. 1life Funeral Cover

  • 1life Essential Funeral Benefit: Can cover up to 16 people with a maximum benefit of R50,000.00.
  • 1life Pure Life Plus Cover: Combines life and funeral insurance.

Benefits of Choosing 1life Funeral Cover:

  • Comprehensive coverage options.
  • Option to combine life and funeral insurance.
  • Immediate coverage for accidental death.
  • Top-up options for additional benefits.

6. Metropolitan Funeral Cover

  • Standard Funeral Plan: Offers a maximum cover of R80,000.00, with the ability to include up to 20 family members.

Benefits of Choosing Metropolitan Funeral Cover:

  • Coverage for extensive family members.
  • Online claim process.
  • Payouts within 24 hours for successful claims.
  • Flexible premium payment options.

7. Avbob Funeral Cover

  • Standard Funeral Plan: Renowned for insuring over 7 million lives, with premiums starting at R200.00 per month.

Benefits of Choosing Avbob Funeral Cover:

  • Extensive coverage options.
  • Discounts on funeral services.
  • Cashback benefits.
  • Premium holiday during retrenchment.

8. Old Mutual Funeral Cover

  • EasiPlus Funeral Plan: Contributions start from R29.00 per month.
  • Funeral Plan Range: Comprehensive coverage options.
  • Old Mutual Family and Extended Family Cover: Tailored for larger families.

Benefits of Choosing Old Mutual Funeral Cover:

  • Multiple plan options.
  • Premium holiday benefits.
  • Competitive premium rates.
  • Comprehensive coverage options.

9. Hollard Funeral Plan

  • Standard Funeral Plan: Tailored for South African citizens or permanent residents, with coverage ranging from R10,000.00 to R75,000.00.

Benefits of Choosing Hollard Funeral Plan:

  • Legal assistance for beneficiaries.
  • Immediate R250.00 airtime benefit upon the passing of the insured.
  • Burial repatriation services.
  • Optional add-on benefits for enhanced coverage.

10. Rainbow Funeral Services

  • Rainbow Comprehensive Plan: Balanced coverage suitable for both individuals and families, with premiums starting at R45.00 per month.
  • Rainbow Elderly Care Plan: Designed for senior citizens, ensuring dignified final rites.
  • Rainbow Extended Family Plan: Recognizes the importance of extended family in South African culture.

Benefits of Choosing Rainbow Funeral Services:

  • Immediate coverage for accidental death.
  • Flexible premium payment options.
  • Dedicated 24/7 helpline for policyholders and beneficiaries.
  • Additional benefits such as memorial service assistance, grief counseling, and repatriation services.


Securing the best funeral policy in South Africa is an act of foresight and care. It ensures that funeral arrangements are hassle-free, allowing families to focus on healing. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest funeral cover in South Africa or the most comprehensive, this guide aims to provide clarity on the best funeral insurance companies in South Africa.

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