Auto and General Car Insurance Review 2023

Auto and General car insurance is a type of motor vehicle insurance that protects a vehicle from damage, theft, and […]

Auto and General car insurance is a type of motor vehicle insurance that protects a vehicle from damage, theft, and hijacking. Auto and General also offers car insurance for vehicles that are less than 8 years old and covers a vehicle for its trade, retail, or market value. If the vehicle is not a newer model, the insurance product pays 15% more than the retail value of the vehicle.

Customers can choose from a variety of Auto and General car insurance plans. Moreover, Customers can select from comprehensive coverage to cover specific aspects of their car or personal liability associated with driving a car. Auto and General provides the following covers for customers to choose from:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance, 
  • Third-party Fire & Theft Car Insurance, 
  • Third-party Only Car Insurance, and
  • BetterCar insurance 

These car insurance plans are discussed in greater detail below as they are an integral part of the Auto and General car insurance.

Auto and General Car Insurance Plans

Auto and General car insurance provide products that are designed to meet the car insurance needs of various car insurance buyers. Customers  have the option of purchasing a fully stacked insurance policy or simply insuring for third-party liability.

The insurer offers 4 car insurance products, each aimed at a different group of car insurance buyers. comprehensive car insurance, third-party, fire, and theft cover, and theft only cover are all available.

The available insurance products are discussed further below.

1. Auto and General Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Auto and General Insurance Car insurance is a policy that protects your vehicle against damage caused by theft or damage by a third party, and damage caused by natural occurrences.

The comprehensive coverage includes towing and storage, furthermore, Auto and General cover the cost of towing and storage. If your car is damaged in an accident, the costs of repairing or replacing the vehicle is covered.

Your vehicle is protected against theft and hijacking. You can file a claim if your vehicle is stolen or hijacked. Moreover, if your claim is successful, Auto and General will cover the cost of replacing the vehicle that was stolen from you.

Third-party claims such as death, injury, or property damage are covered. As a result, comprehensive car insurance is not only an insurance product that protects your vehicle, but it also protects you as a driver.

The policy automatically covers vehicle accessories. The policy automatically covers hail damage and car rental. As a result, financed vehicles are protected against hail damage.

2. Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Car Insurance

Auto and General Third Party, Fire, and Theft car insurance protects you against third-party damage and fire damage caused by your vehicle. The policy also protects against theft. It is important to note that you cannot make claims for damages that are unrelated to the aforementioned occurrences.

If your vehicle is stolen or hijacked, you can file a claim with Auto and General as a policyholder. The claim will cover the cost of replacing your car.

3. Third-Party Only Cover

Auto and General third-party only car insurance covers only the damage that the customer causes to other motorists’ vehicles or property. This cover is way affordable but comes at a cost to your own vehicle. 

You are covered for accidental damage to someone else’s property. You will be able to make a claim to the policy, furthermore, all the costs of replacing or repairing the property or vehicle damage will be paid in favour of the third party vehicle or property. 

Furthermore, you are allowed to increase your third party only cover premiums anytime you feel like you are underinsured. This move will boost your cover amount to enable you to be able to cover most or all of the damage that you will cause in the future. 

4. Auto and General BetterCar Value

Auto and General customers can insure their vehicles at retail, trade, or market value with BetterCar value. This approach enables policyholders to make a claim on their vehicle for its actual value. This car insurance product, however, is not available for vehicles older than 8 years.

If the policyholder’s vehicle is written off, the insurance company will replace it with a newer model. This does not apply to vehicles that have been written off as a result of theft, attempted theft, or hijacking. If there is no newer model, BetterCar offers 15% more than the retail value of the insured vehicle.

Auto and General Car Insurance Benefits

By purchasing Auto and General Car Insurance, you will automatically receive a slew of benefits following your subscription. The benefits you receive are designed to assist you in navigating life.

AutoSOS is available to comprehensive car insurance policyholders. AutoSOS is a smartphone app that detects when a regular driver is involved in an accident. When this occurs, a report of the incident is sent to the AutoSOS call center.

All clients receive assistance benefits to help them cope in times of emergency. With cashback plus, clients can also get cashback on premiums. You can receive up to 25% of all premiums paid back.

Advantages of  Auto and General Car Insurance 

  • There is more than one cover to choose from. 
  • Emergency services are available to all policyholders.
  • There is a chance of getting cash back are available. 
  • Premiums on car insurance products are reasonable. 
  • Cars can be insured at their current value. 

Disadvantages of Auto and General Car Insurance 

  • There are no rewards for driving safely. 


Auto and General Car insurance is a car insurance product to try out. The product offers standard car insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Benefits are easy to understand and are not sophisticated. The cashback plus benefit is one of the most intriguing benefits from the insurer as it pays you back for driving well. 

The mobile app makes it easier for the company to operate more efficiently with claims and other services accessible at a go. Now, claims can be attended to quickly and alliterations can be done to the policy in a matter of minutes by policyholders.

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