First For Women Buildings Insurance Review 2022

Building Insurance is slowly becoming popular in South Africa. This is because many South Africans have been moving from rural […]

1st For Women Buildings Insurance

Building Insurance is slowly becoming popular in South Africa. This is because many South Africans have been moving from rural to urban areas in the past 2 decades. Now, urbanization has increased the need for home insurance products.

The value of houses has been increasing from year to year, with the exception of 2008–2010 when the global financial crisis caused housing prices to go down. However, the plunge in housing prices was soon followed by an uptrend. Today, South Africans are living comfortably in their homes, and building insurance has again become important. 

Building Insurance is a short-term insurance product that is available from nearly all short-term insurance companies. However, a building insurance product that is designed and prioritizes women can only be found at 1st for Women

First for Women puts women first when it comes to its insurance products, and building insurance is no exception. The First for Women building insurance was created with women in mind, and the product comes with benefits that are meant to make the lives of women a lot easier. 

First for Women is open for everyone. Both men and women can subscribe to the First For Women Building insurance. However, men are not prioritized as women, women get reduced premiums when compared to men for the same product(s). This is because 1st for Women is an insurance company that is dedicated to serving women first and putting their insurance needs ahead of any other gender group. 

Getting the building’s insurance is easy. You can get a quote online or request a call back from the First for Women Insurance website. After activating your policy, you can download and start using the 1st for Women app. The app is for free and can be used to make claims and other activities. 

First for Women Buildings Insurance 

The 1st for Women buildings insurance offers protection to your home and you also get benefits that come for free when you subscribe to the product. You can take the buildings insurance in combination with other 1st for Women insurance products. 

Bundling your buildings insurance with the 1st for Women Home contents insurance can do you good should something unfortunate happen to your house. The covers will protect both your house, furniture, and other home assets. Buildings Insurance only comes as a comprehensive cover. 

Below we discuss the Comprehensive buildings insurance in detail and we will later discuss the benefits that you get from subscribing to the Buildings insurance. 

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance 

1st for Women comprehensive buildings insurance is an insurance product that covers the structure of your house from loss or damage. The product offers the best way to protect your house from events and activities that are beyond your control. 1st for Women will pay for the damages caused to your house by unfortunate occurrences.

The comprehensive buildings insurance covers damages caused to the structure of your home by the fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, burst water pipes, storms, floods, falling trees, and subsidence of land. You can conclude that the comprehensive cover protects your home from natural occurrences and man-made damages. 

Comprehensive cover also covers your home from break-ins and theft. Any damage caused by theft such as breaking of an alarm system is replaced by 1st for Women after a successful claim. The comprehensive cover further covers your home from aircraft or objects falling from them onto your house.

Vehicles, animals, and malicious destruction to your house are covered under comprehensive building insurance.  The main house is not the only covered feature of your property. You are also covered for your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls, and gates. 

Nearly all your property is covered under the comprehensive cover. You can choose to add the geyser cover. The geyser cover covers your geyser against loss and damage. 1st for Women pays for repairs or replacement of a geyser if it is damaged. 

Buildings Insurance Benefits 

Buildings Insurance benefits are there to assist you during times of emergencies. You get emergency help for your home, vehicle, and lifestyle with the guardian angel lifestyle assistance. The help comes at no additional premium to you and is available to you 24/7. 

Guardian angel lifestyle Assistance consists of 5 assist benefits. These include road, home, medical, tax, finance and legal, and concierge assistance. Road assist is there to help you should you face a roadside emergency. Roadside emergencies may include flat tyres, a car breakdown, running out of petrol, and more. 1st for Women will send a Guardian Angel to help you get back going. 

Home Assist helps in emergencies that you may have in your home. You will be assisted in times of emergency by simply making a call. Medical assistance benefits are there to help you and your loved ones with medical advice. You get 24/7 telephone medical help from trained professionals. 

Tax, finance, and legal assist benefits help make your money work for you and ensure your legal affairs are in order. You get access to financial experts that help in completing tax returns and planning your retirement. You also get help in drawing up legal documents, power of attorney, and more. 

Concierge assist is designed for women that have a much busier life. You get help in making entertainment plans and bookings of appointments. 


Buildings Insurance from 1st for Women works well for both men and women. The product covers almost anything within your property. You need to make sure that you are covered for every incident that is mentioned in this article. Therefore, familiarise yourself with the 1st for Women buildings insurance indemnity documents. 

Knowing what you are indemnified for is like knowing your bill of rights. With this knowledge, you will be able to know what you are truly entitled to under these products and you will be able to make successful claims. Furthermore, you will be able to conduct yourself in the right manner, which will not contradict your insurance contract regarding your home.

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