Cost of Living in South Africa in 2021: Is Your Salary Really Enough?

When ranked amongst African countries, South Africa is always appearing at the top of cost-of-living surveys. However when compared to other emerging markets around the world, South Africa is amongst the most affordable destinations. But how expensive is it really to live in  the Rainbow Nation?  If you’re a young working adult or potential expat […]

5 key principles of how to manage your money

Clipping shopping coupons and scoring flights with credit card miles can save a few bucks here and there, but achieving long-term financial stability requires a much more holistic approach. Let’s look at five big personal finance topics: budgeting, saving, debt, insurance, and retirement, and discuss a helpful principle for each. When budgeting, consider focusing on […]

Complete guide to trading Precious Metals in South Africa 2021

The term “precious metals” refers to the metals gold, silver, platinum and the other platinum-group metals (PGMs), namely: palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium. They are noble metals; in that, they resist attacks of acids and other reagents and do not corrode easily (although silver does tarnish). Since the beginning of time gold, silver, copper, […]

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