3 common mistakes JSE investors make

Sometimes, investors make mistakes. After all, nobody’s perfect. Unfortunately, mistakes in the investing world can cost a lot of money. When losing money on a trade, a small, one-time setback is easier to recover from than, say, several large, recurring losses. These large losses can prevent you from meeting your financial goals. In many instances, […]

Complete Beginner’s guide to investing in financial markets: South Africa 2021

Whilst the idea of investing in the financial markets is noble (I mean, it sounds interesting, right – and cool too – who doesn’t want to share screenshots of their gains on their portfolio) – the truth is, it’s not that easy. If it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be an investor, and the country would […]

Everything you need to know about money market funds in South Africa

What is a money market fund? In South Africa a money market fund is a type of a mutual fund that invests in short-term debt securities such as cash, cash equivalent securities, and high-credit-rating. Money market funds are managed and run with the aim of sustaining a highly stable asset value through highly liquid investments, […]

How to Choose an Equity Mutual Fund in South Africa

One of the major advantages of a globalized world is that investment opportunities are not limited to first world countries. There are thousands of mutual funds available to South African investors today. From funds that invest in remote countries, to funds that focus on commodities, and everything in between, chances are that if you can […]

Assupol Retirement Products Review 2021

Planning for retirement is one of many things that needs serious scrutiny. There are a number of things that you need to consider before choosing a retirement product. Many choose a combination of retirement products so that they can cope financially during retirement.  When choosing a retirement product, you need to consider the following: Your […]

Investing in the SAB Zenzele Kabili B-BBEE Share Scheme: Review 2021

On the 28th of May 2021, the SAB Zenzele Kabili B-BBEE Share Scheme listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange BEE Board. The listing presents an opportunity for interested qualifying investors to participate in the second iteration of the hugely successful B-BBEE Share Scheme. SAB Zenzele launched in 2010, and the scheme reached maturity in May […]

Polkadot White Paper

POLKADOT: VISION FOR A HETEROGENEOUS MULTI-CHAIN FRAMEWORK DRAFT 1 DR. GAVIN WOOD FOUNDER, ETHEREUM & PARITY [email protected] Abstract. Present-day blockchain architectures all suffer from a number of issues not least practical means of extensibility and scalability. We believe this stems from tying two very important parts of the consensus architecture, namely canonicality and validity, too […]

Mina Coin Whitepaper

Mina: Economics and Monetary Policy Brad Cohn, Evan Shapiro, and Emre Tekişalp O(1) Labs October 2020 Abstract As cryptocurrencies become more popular and widely used, the cost to verify the blockchain grows proportionally with total transaction throughput and quickly becomes out of reach for most real-world users. In this way, cryptocurrencies can end up victims […]

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