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Santam Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

The contents of our homes are precious, and we spend the majority of our money on them. You may lose your home contents as a result of a natural disaster or a man-made event. That means your TV, refrigerator, and all of your belongings can be gone! A person could become depressed as a result[…]

Top 10 buildings insurances in South Africa 2022

Buildings insurance is a valuable asset that all South African homeowners should obtain. The problem is that you never know what will happen to your house tomorrow, and the possibility of losing your home entirely exists. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to avoid a situation in which you and your family members do[…]

10 best home contents insurance solutions 2022

Home Contents Insurance is one of South Africa’s most popular insurance products, and it has risen in popularity over time. This is one of the most important insurance plans to carry, and combining it with a building insurance coverage has become commonplace. The fact that damage to structures is likely to result in damage or[…]

OUTsurance Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2022

When you’re on the go, OUTsurance Portable Belongings Insurance protects some of your most important possessions. Your possessions can be easily stolen or damaged. The OUTsurance Portable Possessions Insurance protects your personal belongings from loss and damage. Loss and damage to movable possessions include both accidental damage and stolen loss. The policy excludes willful damage[…]

OUTsurance Buildings Insurance Review 2022

Buildings insurance is a fantastic way to secure your home. You may assume that building insurance is superfluous, yet lenders demand home loan borrowers to obtain building insurance for their homes for a reason. We can’t predict what will happen in a few minutes or years, but having home insurance provides peace of mind. A[…]

Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

Standard Bank’s home contents insurance allows South Africans to protect their personal belongings at home. Because of the high rate of housebreaking in the country, South Africans’ home contents are among the most vulnerable assets they own. Every year, hundreds of thousands of households are affected by housebreaking, and millions of household items are stolen.[…]

Standard Bank Buildings Insurance Review 2022

Buildings Insurance is an excellent product to have if you are planning to buy a house anytime soon. Home loans require one to take out a home insurance policy to protect their new homes from any unforeseen occurrences that may damage the house structure. House insurance is, however, not only for first-time property purchasers who[…]

King Price Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

The King Price Home Contents Insurance policy covers a wide range of household items. Home contents are insured against loss or damage caused by a variety of events. However, the King Price Home Contents Insurance excludes the following items: Mobile phones,  Bicycles,  Prescription glasses, and Hearing aids The above items that are not covered by[…]

King Price Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2022

Portable Possessions Insurance from King Price Insurance allows individuals to get cover for their personal belongings. King Price Portable Possessions Insurance allows policyholders to wear and carry their belongings wherever they go in South Africa. You can cover as many items as you want with the King Price Portable Possessions insurance Items are covered both[…]

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