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Thekwini Warehousing Conduit (RF) Limited Receives JSE Approval and Moody’s Ratings

Thekwini Warehousing Rating
  • Thekwini Warehousing Conduit (RF) Limited secures JSE approval for amended Programme Memorandum.
  • Moody’s assigns ratings to TWC’s Mezzanine and Junior Notes while affirming Senior Notes rating.
  • Updated memorandum and Moody’s assessments enhance transparency and attract potential investors.

Thekwini Warehousing Conduit (RF) Limited (“TWC”) has recently received approval from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for its amended and restated Programme Memorandum. The updated memorandum is now accessible on the SA Home Loans website, as announced by the company on May 23, 2023.

The amended and restated Programme Memorandum represents a significant step forward for TWC, solidifying its position as a reputable entity within the industry. By gaining approval from the JSE, TWC demonstrates its commitment to compliance and transparency, thereby attracting potential investors.

Moody’s Investor Services, a prominent global credit rating agency, has concurrently assigned short-term ratings to TWC’s Mezzanine and Junior Notes, designating them as P-2.za(sf) and P-3.za(sf) respectively. Moody’s has also affirmed the rating of the Senior Notes as P-1.za(sf). These ratings provide investors with valuable insights into the risk profiles and creditworthiness associated with TWC’s investment instruments.

The approval of the amended Programme Memorandum by the JSE is a testament to TWC’s dedication to upholding industry standards and ensuring regulatory compliance. By undergoing a thorough evaluation process, TWC has positioned itself as a secure and reliable investment platform.

Moody’s assessment of the note ratings further bolsters TWC’s standing in the market. The P-2.za(sf) and P-3.za(sf) ratings assigned to the Mezzanine and Junior Notes respectively underscore their risk profiles and potential returns. Additionally, the reaffirmation of the P-1.za(sf) rating for the Senior Notes confirms their stability and creditworthiness.

Interested investors are encouraged to access the Moody’s Media Release and Credit Opinion, available through the provided links. These documents provide comprehensive information on the assigned note ratings, shedding light on the evaluation criteria and justifications employed by Moody’s.



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