COVID19 tests are too expensive and difficult to take in South Africa

COVID 19 testing has been one of the government’s key goals. The government has already spent billions of rands to advertise and provide testing facilities for COVID 19 testing in the country. Despite the government’s efforts, COVID 19 testing remains prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

The government’s COVID 19 testing facilities have proven insufficient to serve the entire country. As a result, many people are compelled to rely on the private health sector to complete their COVID 19 tests, which are prohibitively expensive and include a slew of complex and time-consuming tasks. When compared to other countries, these restrictions have resulted in a COVID 19 testing backlog in the country.

South Africa has only performed approximately 18 million Covid 19 tests, but the United Kingdom has performed 320 million tests despite having a somewhat larger population. Colombia, with a far smaller population, has completed 26 million tests.

We averaged 70 000 each day during our best testing week, which is way too low in comparison to other countries. South Africa averaged almost 30 000 tests per day last week. The costly COVID 19 testing processes are impeding the most important component of the pandemic response. The most essential part of the tests is that they indicate the number of infected people in the country, which aids in formulating appropriate steps to reduce the virus infection rate if it is excessively high.

Finding a Covid test should not require a long Internet search for a doctor’s suggestion, whether in the public or private health care sectors. It should be simple, easy to use, and economical. Furthermore, the government’s prohibition or discouragement of the use of COVID 19 home-testing kits has added to the backlog. As a result, COVID 19 testing has been restricted to healthcare facilities that charge exorbitant costs that most South Africans cannot afford.

Home testing should be encouraged in order to facilitate rapid COVID19 testing methods. Although the regulator is opposed to home testing, it is now regular practice in other nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany.

Making Covid19 screening more affordable will dramatically improve Covid19 screening at home, work, and school. As a result, we will be better able to combat COVID 19 infections.

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