A Guide To Investing In Cryptocurrency For The First Time

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Around 27 million people use Cryptocurrency in the USA. The rising popularity of Cryptocurrency has encouraged business from all corners. The numbers are rising with time. Are you also a Cryptocurrency investor? If not, we recommend you start trading Cryptocurrency. Use the Bitcoin Motion platform to support your Crypto trading.  If you use Cryptocurrency for the first time, you need to follow certain things. Let’s discuss them in the article. 

Investing In Cryptocurrency: Beginner’s Guide

If you are investing in Cryptocurrency for the first time, you need to follow certain steps. So without making further ado, let’s learn the steps that you need to follow in order to invest in Cryptocurrency.

1. Understand What You Are Investing In

You are investing your hard-earned money in something. Don’t you think that you need to understand what you are investing in? You need to do your research properly. You need to have a thorough analysis regarding the investment that you make. 

Remember, unlike stock, where a company gets its profits, many Crypto assets must rely on the market becoming more optimistic with time. Study the ups and downs of the major coins like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Cardano. They have been highly consistent.

2. Choose An Exchange

The first step that you need to take is to choose a reputable exchange. Exchange is a platform where you buy and sell Cryptocurrency. There are exchanges that have turned out to be quite robust. You can bank on them.

Coinbase is a great platform to trade Cryptocurrency. Finally, there is a publicly-traded company with some high-quality infrastructure. With superb intuitive UI, you have quite a good chance of earning extra Crypto. 

Other than Coinbase, there are some other exchanges like Binance.US and BlockFI, which facilitate baby Crypto traders. 

3. Determine How Much To Buy

Do you know how many Cryptocurrencies you need to buy in your portfolio? Well, this is one question that requires quite some answer. According to a seasoned investor, it may be 10%. 

One thing that you could do is get $100,000 in safe investments. But you must have things under your control. So the thing is clear, start small with 10% or 5%. That’s what you do. 

4. Safely Store Your Private Keys In Your Wallet

Hackers are always a step ahead. You need some forest safety measures to get away from the fraudsters. Choose to save your private keys. A cold wallet is quite a good option for you. Let us make sure about this. Safety of your wallet is necessary when it comes to your possessed Cryptocurrency Wallets. 

5. Maintaining Your Investment

This is the final step that is maintaining your investment. This is something that you need to maintain with time. If you are new, you can make some mistakes. There are certain investment steps that you must stop right now. 

Firstly you need to add your Cryptos to your main investment dashboard so that you can monitor each and every step of the performance. Secondly, maintain and monitor the regulatory scrutiny of the chosen exchanges. Monitor the government that bans your Cryptocurrencies. The last step is to continue self-educating. 

6. Watch The Volatility

There is high volatility in the Bitcoin price. You are a new investor, and you need to be quite aware of this. You know, with Cryptocurrency, you could be the king of your empire, and by the evening, you might turn out to be on the streets.

That’s literally high volatility for you. The trading is done on high-quality algorithms you might not know. So it’s better to take help from experts rather than manage things all by yourself. But you need to be aware of this volatility.  

7. Managing Your Own Risks

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and you need to be aware of them. Remember, you need to be there for the long term. What you need to learn is remaining strong and stick to your position. Take help from investors and experts in the market. This is what you need, awareness and knowledge to stay strong.


You are investing in Cryptocurrency for the first time, and you need to be aware of the things discussed above. You have to be in the market for a long time. You have to carry on with gaining knowledge about Crypto’s ups and downs. Be patient, and success will follow you.

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